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The water heater serving your home is essential to your property's overall functionality and resourcefulness. You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you receive icy cold blasts of water in the bathtub, but with reliable water heater services from Sugar Bear Plumbing, you can avoid such problems. We have vast experience and skills to meet all your water heater needs.

Deal With Common Water Heater Issues

There are a few signs you should pay attention to if you want to get the most out of your unit and avoid costly water heater repair in San Francisco, CA, and nearby areas. You need to check the hot water pressure, especially if you have an old home. In most cases, old houses have galvanized pipes with a ½ inch diameter, restricting water pressure. Another common problem is loud sounds coming from your unit. Whether it is hissing or popping, this will indicate your water heater has an issue. It can be due to sediment or scale buildup or even a leak. You also need to pay attention to the color of your water. Rusty water indicates corrosion inside the tank, which may be caused by a deteriorating anode rod.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Water Heaters

Most water heater issues don't give off any noticeable sign until it's too late. This means you may not catch these issues early until your water heater completely breaks down. If you want to keep your unit in top shape, you should regularly schedule preventive water heater maintenance. While a water heater can last up to 12 years, you can extend its service life with regular maintenance. This also helps make sure that your unit operates more efficiently and saves you more money down the road.

Benefits of Professional Water Heater Repair

Whenever you experience trouble with your water heater, call a reliable plumber in San Francisco, CA, and neighboring areas to offer suitable repair solutions. Professional repairs can enhance the performance of your appliance, leading to a consistent hot water supply. Additionally, enlisting professional service translates to lower water and energy bills. The Sugar Bear Plumbing team can also identify potential problems early and address them. We serve:

How Does Water Heater Repair Work?

As a leading plumbing company, we take our time to thoroughly inspect your water heater, all the connecting pipes, and the gas line, if need be. We explain to you any issues we have found and check all the spigots experiencing low water pressure. We can repair the heating element inside the tank and inspect the temperature gauge for any damage. We'll inspect the overflow tank and construct a rack for the tank to prevent further damage to the pipes inside the room.

If the repairs don't work, we'll recommend a water heater replacement. We can measure your property for a new traditional water heater or install a tankless model. Let us know your preference and we'll offer a free estimate that explains the installation costs. We don't start until you get ready, and we work quickly to make sure that you have hot water.

Why Choose Sugar Bear Plumbing for Water Heater Repair

At Sugar Bear Plumbing, we will help you keep your unit in top condition or install a tankless water heater if the old one cannot come back to life. We have been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years, meaning we have garnered vast experience to handle all your plumbing needs.

Water Heater Repair
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