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In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in San Francisco, CA, and Nearby Areas

Get the right answers, and even see for yourself, the exact problem your pipes are facing, with a camera inspection performed by the local pros from Sugar Bear Plumbing Company. A thorough inspection is a quick, easy, affordable, and reliable method we use to let homeowners and our other customers in San Francisco, CA, and nearby areas know what's going on in drain and sewer lines.

Sewer Scoping – an Overview

Sewer scoping is a minimally disruptive inspection method characterized by inserting a camera attached to a flexible cable into the pipe that needs in-depth inspection. The cable is usually inserted into a sewer line cleanout, although the vent stack is sometimes used as an access point. The camera is worked through the pipe so we can identify and document any issues. Images are displayed on a monitor so we can manipulate the camera and control the footage even if it is deep into the pipe’s interior.

Big Benefits

For starters, camera inspections can be done without the need to disturb your property. Moreover, we can complete a sewer scoping fairly quickly.

Camera inspections are also a popular choice as:

  • The results are delivered in real-time
  • Results are recorded for reference
  • The accuracy of the results takes the guesswork out of pinpointing any problems
  • The most appropriate approach to repair can be recommended based on what's found

Signs You Need Sewer Inspection

If you're experiencing drain backups, slow drainage, or evidence of an underground pipe leak, these are all signs you'll likely benefit from a sewer camera inspection. We also recommend having an inspection done if you are hearing unusual drain sounds or if you have mature trees on your property near underground sewer lines.

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What We Look for During Inspections

We look for anything out of the ordinary with sewer or drains lines when we perform a camera-based inspection. Specifically, our technicians normally look for:

  • Surface damage – e.g., cracks, hairline fractures
  • Joints that are weak or misaligned
  • Bellying or sagging
  • Debris that's trapped within the pipe
  • Tree root intrusions
  • Water gathering where it's not supposed to be

Sugar Bear Plumbing Company Specializes in Sewer Scoping

Our locally based plumbing company prides itself on superior customer care — from the moment we're first contacted until the work is completed to your satisfaction. Sugar Bear Plumbing Company is also one of the few serving this area with a required Class A engineering license. What's more, we stand out from the crowd thanks to our:

  • Reasonable, transparent pricing
  • Commitment to quality
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Convenient financing options

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Sugar Bear Plumbing Company is ready to provide the answers and solutions you deserve. We offer free estimates for our residential clients. For commercial properties in San Francisco, CA, and surrounding communities, our fee is $69. Call us today to schedule a camera inspection or reach out to our certified, licensed, and bonded technicians via the online contact form. We offer quality sewer camera inspection services in the following areas:

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