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Garbage Disposal Installation in San Francisco, CA, and Surrounding Areas

When sink disposal stops working, it can be frustrating and concerning for a homeowner. A jam can be caused due to too many food particles or foreign materials that are too thick for the disposal to get rid of. Nonworking garbage disposal creates bad odors and problems draining water from the sink, which makes washing dishes nearly impossible.

Some homeowners may stop dishwashing due to their fear that rinsing the dishes will worsen the clog situation. To return your kitchen to normal, a quick repair should be implemented on the broken disposal. Our professional plumbing company can easily solve this problem for you by the end of the day.

Regardless of your disposal’s brand, they have seen it before and know how to repair it. In the event that your disposal is beyond repair, your technician can recommend the best replacement options.

Why You Need A New Garbage Disposal Installed?

Disposal is essential for grinding up food particles and preventing large clogs from building up in the pipes. Many people prefer to dispose of food scraps down the sink drain rather than by throwing them in with their other trash. While the disposal allows for this task to be accomplished easier, with frequent use, there can be problems with it. The following are signs that you may need to replace your garbage disposal in the near future.

Strange noises

Loud or unusual noises from your disposal are causes for concern. There are times when an item that has gotten stuck there is the cause of such noise. Once you are sure there is nothing blocking the mechanism, if strange sounds continue, you will need to call a technician for repair or replacement.

Doesn’t turn on

If the disposal is not turning on then this could be caused by a few reasons. Your first step should be to check the breaker, in case there is a flipped switch. Then after doing this you can try having its reset button pressed. If after doing these two the problem is still there, it may have been caused by another mechanical issue.

Leaks water

Even when well maintained, no garbage disposal will last forever. These types of devices typically will last about 10 to 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. If there is a water leak in the unit, then repairing it will come at a steep cost.


Frequent repairs or resets

One should not have to reset always if ever, one’s a garbage disposal. However, if you find that you are having to reset the disposal frequently, or if you simply aren’t satisfied with its performance in other ways, perhaps it is time to get rid of the old one and get a new one that will meet your needs. However, check the warranty on the disposal before replacing it if your disposal is only a few years old.

What to Look for in a New Garbage Disposal

Because you have most likely inherited the disposal when you moved in, you might not be familiar with its kind or what its abilities are at handling different materials. Your disposal can be noisy or have limited capacity, so that might bother you. You need to get information on the newest features of sink disposal so you can choose one well.

Many of the new garbage disposals on the market today are quieter than the older models. For many homeowners, a garbage disposal’s noise level is an important purchase consideration. There are other disposals with strong enough blades that they can cut straight through a beef bone. If your disposal seems to frequently get stuck when trying to grind up your food waste, it might be a good idea to upgrade to a hardier one.

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