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During washing or rinsing, particles and globs of material can find their way to the drainpipe through the sink. Over time, layers will form until the drain leaves a slow-draining murky mess in your sink after every use.

Your slow or non-functioning pipes can become free-flowing once again when a plumber uses the latest in drain cleaning technology. The cleaning not only unblocks the pipes, but it also cleans the pipe walls, gets rid of the foul smell, and stops clogs from happening again. You don’t need to put up with the frustration and inconvenience of drains that don’t run freely. A professional can get your pipes back to new if you just call them today.

Professional Drain Cleaning Versus Commercial Drain Cleaners

Drain clogs are not only disturbing but they can also result in stinky sinks and blocked pipes. Because it causes water flow restriction this can cause leaks to form in pipes. When you have leaks, mold may grow there and some pests will be attracted to it.

It is critical to open drainage clogs as soon as they are discovered to avoid more damage and annoyance. Though tempting, an inexpensive bottle of drain cleaner is not always the best option for solving drain problems.

Often cleaners that homeowners can buy in stores don’t work, just make a hole through the gunk, or they’re not safe to use for the environment. Often such cleaners only offer a temporary solution to a clogged drain problem. There are many times when such cleaners will only have the debris at the beginning of the pipe cleared. It just pushes it further away, rather than removing the debris.

A professional drain cleaning makes it possible for the pipes to be cleared of the debris there. If you’re concerned about the environment, rest assured that plumbers today use environmentally safe methods and materials for clearing drains.

There are also several tools available to plumbers for managing drainage issues. They may use a drain camera to get a good view of the clog to aid in clearing it. A professional drain cleaning should leave your pipes as clear as they were on the day they were installed.

How does hydro jetting work?

Our professional drain cleaning company may use the latest technique called “hydro-jetting” instead of using harmful chemicals or acids to open a drain. The process involves aiming a stream of water under high pressure into a clogged drainpipe to clear clogs and any debris adhering to the inner walls.


A professional will always leave your home sparkling clean, even if the repair process gets messy. Hydro-jetting does such a good job of clearing a pipe that homeowners need not be concerned about another clog anytime soon. This way, pipes will stay clearer for longer, so you can avoid the added costs or repeat drain cleanings and clearings.

Since hydro-jetting is only using water, it is safe for the environment. This can also be used to remove materials from the sewer lines that have clogged it. Hydro-jetting eliminates the need to cut into sewer lines and clean up the resulting mess.

What if the disposal is the problem?

Kitchen drains can look suspect in cases when the disposal system is the real issue. A garbage disposal can easily jam when trying to grind up large bones or if a utensil gets into it. It is not impossible for a homeowner to be able to clear the dirt and germs from the disposal on their own, but if it is a complicated situation and the jam is too bad, then it’s best to call in the professionals to get the job done or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

The problem can be diagnosed and repaired by an expert technician. If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, the technician can explain your options and install a new unit, usually the same day. Ideally, you’ll choose a garbage disposal that comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

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