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Water heater being installed

Top Considerations Before Installing a New Water Heater

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | September 29, 2022

Water heaters typically last anywhere from 10-20 years. When they finally break down and you need a dependable replacement, you’ll need to consider some key factors. As the go-to company for water heater repair in San Francisco, CA, Sugar Bear Plumbing has extensive knowledge of the different water heater types. Here are some things you…

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Trenchless equipment

Common Misconceptions About Trenchless Pipe Lining

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | September 22, 2022

Since its inception, the process of trenchless pipe lining has been plagued by widespread misinformation. Some of these concerns about the technology’s reliability and safety hinder people from adopting it, despite the potential benefits to their aging pipeline systems. Being the go-to company for trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA, Sugar Bear Plumbing has…

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woman choosing tankless water heater

Your Handy Guide For Buying a Tankless Water Heater

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | August 31, 2022

The water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your home. When it’s time to replace your old water heater, consider switching to a tankless model. Unlike traditional models, it’s compact and very much efficient. The savings that you’ll rack up in time makes it a worthy investment. Let Sugar Bear Plumbing, the…

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Trenchless equipment

What to Ask Before Having a Trenchless Sewer Repair Procedure

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | August 22, 2022

A trenchless sewer repair procedure is a non-invasive technique that is very much effective for fixing leaks as well as breaks or blockages in an underground sewer line. As a premier provider of trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA, Sugar Bear Plumbing has rehabilitated many sewer lines using this method–which is why we highly…

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Anode rod

Anode Rod: The Best Tool For Water Heater Rust Prevention

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | July 25, 2022

Excessive corrosion in your water heater can lead to water leakage. It also produces rust-colored water, which can have adverse effects on your health. Luckily, there is a simple solution that can help you prevent water heater issues brought about by corrosion: The anode rod. Sugar Bear Plumbing Company, the leading name for water heater…

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Water flowing down the sewer line

The Basics of Sewer Maintenance

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | July 15, 2022

Preventive drain and sewer maintenance can help homeowners avoid major sewer line issues. And as the inevitable ravages of wear and tear take their inevitable toll, the more you will need to invest in maintenance. At Sugar Bear Plumbing Company, you’re sure to get quality trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA. Below are the…

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Water heater thermostat

A Look at the Vital Components of Your Water Heater

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | June 28, 2022

The first step to better water heater maintenance is knowing and understanding its different components. When you do so, you have a better grasp of what can go wrong and how you can prevent issues from developing. As the go-to name for dependable water heater repair in San Francisco, CA. Sugar Bear Plumbing Company has…

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Blocked sewer line

Red Flags: Signs You Need a Sewer Repair or Replacement Procedure

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | June 13, 2022

Do your toilets get clogged frequently? While a one-time clog doesn’t mean you need to repair your sewer line right away, it may be indicative of an underlying problem that could worsen if you just leave it be. Sewer line problems can result from leaking joints, corrosion, sagging soil lines, and tree root intrusion. Such…

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Tankless water heater

The Advantages of Having a Tankless Water Heater

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | May 27, 2022

A tankless water heater offers numerous advantages over traditional ones. With their sheer efficiency, they are a must-have if you want a steady supply of hot water that’s cost-efficient at the same time. If you’re still unconvinced about the merits of switching to a tankless water heater, allow Sugar Bear Plumbing, the authority on water…

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Trenchless equipment on a lawn

How to Prepare Your Home For Trenchless Pipe Repairs

By Sugar Bear Plumbing | May 13, 2022

Trenchless sewer repair is a minimally-invasive technique for the effective restoration or replacement of damaged sewer pipes. What makes this technique so distinct and advantageous is that it is done without trenching. This means that there is no need to dig up your yard or disrupt your landscaping in order to access and repair compromised…

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