Club Enrollment

Any Style water heater (s), make or model we’re Professional Installers: 


At Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. we provide repair, installation and replacement services for all types of water heaters. Whether you have an older gas water heater that’s a storage tank model, or a new electric water heater that is tankless, our San Francisco water heater repair and installation professionals will take care of it.


Diamond or Lifetime Diamond Club Membership

With Sugar Bear Plumbing’s Lifetime Diamond Club membership/ Sugar Bear Home Care Club membership, you can purchase a water heater from us and NEVER pay for a new water heater again as long as you are an active member. Lifetime Diamond Club membership also entitles you to an annual free in-home inspection, water heater flushing and maintenance (as recommended by manufacture) and a changing of the water heater’s the anode rod every three years. Membership is only $14.99 per month or $178.00 per year!


Call our office to request info about joining our maintenance club today, learn how to save 15% on all our services and get same day service guaranteed 24/7 365!


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